Since this is a photo-blog a good start would be uploading some images and maybe even at a push a little writing about them. Recently I’ve found myself actually feeling a noticeable progression and shift in the work I’m producing, not only this but the things I’m photographing.

Recently, I spent some time at home doing a project for university in which I documented my life with friends and family. Originally I had only taken the Documentary module to force myself out of my comfort zone and try something new, and I hadn’t particularly expected this to change much. However there are areas of this work where I saw a real change in my images. I could speak of this for the rest of this post, but it may make more sense to simply show some images.


I’ve also recently started a mini series of images focusing on the large areas of space around Westwood Cross. These areas appear to be used mainly for the farming of cabbages and such. Supposedly some of these fields will soon have houses built upon them. Regardless, for now I find myself strangely drawn to these large, flat, empty areas. I have begun shooting them at dusk.


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