3rd Year of University and Major Practical Project

Time has come to begin the third year of study for my Photography Degree and this means the beginning of a Major Practical Project that spans two terms. I’m extremely excited about this as it’s the first real time we’ve been given the time necessary to undertake real projects. The extra time allows for more thought, research and work to go into the creative projects, ultimately breeding more interesting works.

My main project will be focusing on a sort of image based memoir, containing images of the places frequented in my adolescent years. These will be accompanied with text describing what the place meant to me at the time, what happened there, etc. The inspiration for this has come mainly from Dinu Li’s book project, ‘The Mother Of All Journey’s’, if anyone’s reading / interesting you can find a website here: http://www.dinuli.com/ . This project will also include a map with each image marked on it giving a view of the area of my hometown. Some preliminary shots follow;





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