For the 2013 Fine Art MA show at Falmouth University I will be creating a body of films, each recording will be of a few seconds in length, which will then be looped continuously to play for the duration of the show’s opening times. They will be constructed through the use of time-lapse photography, each frame comprising of a long exposure photograph. The subject of these films will be landscape scenes set in the after dark suburbs of the local area. The aim of the work is to create a documentation which preserves the moment depicted, to safeguard it from the passage of time. These are not big or in any way grand moments but quiet, contemplative and reflect times. The visual imagery will follow the direction of my previous work on the course, utilizing dark rough appearances, a by-product of the processes involved. The grainy films present small snippets of time which when looped preserve them for what could possibly be, in a perfect situation, as long as desired, creating an eternal moment.